The Vintage Concertina by The Irish Concertina Company | The most exclusive, most premium, top and most expensive musical concertina on the market!

Are you one of those who belong to that class of nonconformist people? Of those who want the best of the best no matter how much you spend? Are you a true fan of the concertina? Or, those of those who claim to be fans but remain on paper? Leaving aside our harassment, let’s be brief and clear:

You are seconds away from the only possibility that can be presented to you in life of acquiring the best concertina of today with details, both in its finishes and in purchase rights, that no other concertina that is sold in the market has. How do you stay, huh?

A word of caution: it won’t be easy to get it. It usually has very little stock because its manufacture is not in mass and the price at which it is available is not exactly cheap and accessible to any user. Eager to know what things include us on the inside and oblivious to it? Let’s go there!

These are the outstanding characteristics of the most premium musical concertina:

Garvey, brand of this concertina, capable of giving us the best for little and the best for much. Some had to be expensive of course, not everything was going to be chollazos … These are the peculiarities that it offers us:

  • Very elegant leather bellows: And very resistant. It not only gives us brilliance on the outside, but also on the inside. A concertina like this will not miss any detail, and it would not be less with one of the most important parts of this instrument. Inside it has brass rods . This ensures that the folds do not deform and break over the years
  • Some brass pegs too: Material that we cannot find in any other concertina in concertina price ranges above € 1000. If anything similar but not the same materials. The touch that you will perceive as soon as you touch them is pleasant, they strum very well and is stainless, which means that they do not deteriorate over the years
  • Design inspired by the oldest musical concertinas: Those that date back to the 19th century, of which hardly remain standing to be used and played. Its design is inspired by this type of concertinas, which as soon as having it in our hands will transport you back 200 years
  • A pin pressure adapted to the millimeter of 25 grams: This will allow you to perform a uniform strum at all times , without any of the 30 buttons available on this concertina getting stuck or at half throttle. This is because in many concertinas, being of a more standard manufacture, there are times when the ring, if it is produced quickly or lightly, is not pressed 100% as you would like. In other words, it is pressed at 70%, so that you understand us, resulting in a sound enjoyment that is not the desired all
  • And what about the suitcase that dad includes us! Argentine expression that we came up with like this, “al tun-tun”, as a synonym to express something that was to be expected and of total enjoyment. That is why the final price of the product is what it is: the concertina protective case as a briefcase is one of the best on the market. Its matte finishes, its leathery closure system and the rough velvety design inside it, will give you the best protection that a concertina of this class deserves

Best Offer of the most premium concertina of 2021

¿Qué cosas tendré si decido optar por conseguir esta clase de concertina de gama alta?

Si en una de nuestras reseñas y de la misma marca decíamos que tenías una garantía desde el momento del recibo de la concertina de 2 años, aquí la sigues teniendo, pero en más del doble: ¡El fabricante sube la garantía hasta los 5 años! Ante un desembolso tan importante como este, este añadido nos exenta de cualquier tipo de riesgo que podamos sufrir con la concertina en 60 meses (averías, caídas imprevistas, que pasados unos meses deje de funcionar, etc)

¿Quién no dice que en ese plazo de tiempo, no solo te permitirá estar tranquilo porque sabes que ante el mínimo problema que sufra esta concertina se hace cargo el fabricante, sino que, además, recuperes todo el dinero gastado? Claro que puedes y, a largo plazo, no notarás que hiciste un desembolso importante, mas teniendo en cuenta que si la cuidas, te puede durar hasta 5 años mas

Una cosa que quede clara: si eres principiante, no te recomendamos que empieces por este modelo. Primero empieza por modelos más accesibles entre los 100-200€. Esta gama premium de concertina lleva el sello de ”profesional”. Solo es apta para los que saben de esto, los expertos, los concertistas de pura cepa

What will I have if I decide to go for this high-end concertina class?

If in one of our reviews and of the same brand we said that you had a guarantee from the moment of receipt of the concertina of 2 years, here you still have it, but more than double: The manufacturer raises the guarantee to 5 years! Faced with an outlay as important as this, this addition exempts us from any type of risk that we may suffer with the concertina in 60 months (breakdowns, unforeseen falls, that after a few months it stops working, etc.)

Who does not say that in that period of time, it will not only allow you to be calm because you know that the manufacturer takes care of the slightest problem that this concertina suffers, but also that you recover all the money spent? Of course you can and, in the long term, you will not notice that you made a significant outlay, but taking into account that if you take care of it, it can last up to 5 more years

One thing to be clear: if you are a beginner, we do not recommend that you start with this model. First, start with more accessible models between € 100-200. This premium range of concertina bears the “professional” stamp. It is suitable only for those who know this, experts, concertistas blooded

Why buy the premium class Vintage style concertina in our online store?

One of the best manufacturers, built with care and the best materials, sells it in the best-known online store in the world, with that store we work and analyze in detail from a website like ours. Need to say more?

By the way, not all that shines in this type of concertina is gold: depending on where you are, see if they are going to charge you for possible extra customs expenses. Due to the cost it has, it is very likely so, please, find out or we will inform you about it, as you wish

Make click , add it cart , prepare your payment method, make that in 24/48 hours this concertina leave the warehouse bound for home person “as” (as you call it , we are not divine god to guess 😜) and enjoy as no other person, because few have it

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