Replacement strap for high-class concertina from McNeela Instruments | The best value for money waistband of 2021!

One of those essential accessories of any concertina that is rarely included in the pack and that you cannot miss. This time we are going to deal with one of the most unique concertina bandoliers on the market at a reasonable price, taking into account the material it is made of , genuine leather and the consistency, better than most replacement waistbands in the segment.

From the first to the last detail, this strap is impregnated by the influence of McNeela Instruments, one of the instrumental brands references in selling concertinas and any concertina accessory.

Find out what are the most important things that this strap brings us by sliding your mouse or your finger slightly downwards!

What are the most outstanding features of this high-end musical concertina band?

They are rare, but all of them will convince you why we are in front of one that is located at the top, at the top:

  • A compact belt: Given its renewed design, it allows us a better ductility than the average in its segment. In other straps the design has nothing to envy, but they do not have the ability to adapt to the fit of the hands, which in any person varies in one size or another
  • It is suitable to be attached to many models of concertina: Not only will you be able to adjust the strap so that it is more taut, fits better on the wrist and get a consistent grip for your concertina, but you can also attach it to many concertinas of medium and medium ranges -High, high and the most top. It has a kind of protrusion, of different sizes, which makes it adapt to many existing concertina models on the current market
  • An original leather finish: It is one of its other strengths, its stitching, woven in leather of animal origin, which will give you, from the first moment you handle it, a good feeling at hand. It has one part of the strap larger than the other. This is designed to better conform to the palm of the hand

Best offer of the belt for musical concertina today

What will I have with this strap compared to other straps sold on the market?

The main advantage is that it will accommodate concertinas in a somewhat expensive price range, starting at € 200, with the fact that it will not adapt as you would like to lower class concertinas because in many of these they come with straps that do not can be removed or uncoupled

The only way to get rid of them is to cut or break them by hand. We don’t think that’s what you want to do, do we? Another issue is because the shipping cost for this product is higher than € 10, which is not the case with others in its segment. It has a clear explanation:

The manufacturer gives us, not only with the instruments but also with the accessories, although we buy one thing and the other separately, 24-month warranty. Somewhere they had to overcharge since if the strap, once you acquire it and until after that time, it suffers any type of accidental damage such as

an unforeseen burn or a deficit in some of the protrusions, everything from shipping costs to the repair and subsequent return of the product or refund of a brand new one, is assumed by McNeela Instruments

Why buy the premium concertina girdle in our online store?…

…And why do it right now? Because the availability is not as high as other models of concertina belts in the sector. More than once we have seen how customers when they opted to buy a replacement strap for their concertina, they realized that it was too late

Relax, we take care of giving some pressure to the brand so that it does not leave you with honey on your lips, and also to Amazon, a company with which we collaborate closely

Buy it at the best price and show your concertina how much you care by giving it the accessory it needs!

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