Professional cover for your concertina from the prestigious McNeela brand ☞ Considered one of the most premium wraps of 2021!

McNeela, a brand that may be the first time you hear it, its great resemblance to McDonalds , although nothing to see, just in the “first two letters and followed by that capital letter . ” It is considered one of the kings in its segment

Its repertoire of high-end and premium concertinas, together with those briefcases made with top quality materials , have made it one of the most valued brands in the sector in just a very short time

Are you ready to discover what’s new in this briefcase? ( See at Amazon ) and for which concertina range is it intended? Let’s go there!

What are the main specifications of the McNeela cover?

The properties of this cover will not leave you indifferent. The ones that stand out the most are:

  • Its exquisite finishes: Made with pure velvet leather , it is baptized as a rigid, resistant and elegant product . The presence of velvet makes the texture of the walls of the briefcase feel pleasant to the touch both when opening it , closing it and taking it with you wherever you go, thanks to its cross that it has in the upper central part
  • First level locks: Let’s to be able to close with key our wrap thanks to the double lock that has at both ends of the blade. This will allow us to safeguard ourselves against threats from abroad. This detail is especially important if you have a high-end concertina, the cost of which has been € 700 or more
  • Successfully tested against falls: Able to withstand falls of 5-7m , the fabric from which this case is made frees you from that headache in one fell swoop . A detail that is highly valued if you have spent a fortune on your instrument
  • Some standard internal dimensions: At nearly 18cm long, 22cm wide and 15cm deep , this housing will perfectly suit a wide spectrum of concertinas
  • External measures superior to the internal ones: This explains why this professional lining model is resistant to falls of great consideration. Its 20cm high, its 25cm wide and 23cm deep , achieve an implausible cladding of its walls, transforming what seemed to be a simple briefcase, into a contraption prepared to protect at very high scales

Acquiring the McNeena concertina cover at the best price from our online store is guaranteed!

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That noticeable but at the same time beautiful contrast between red and black gives an extra touch to this product, right?

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Which concertina models is this high-end protective wrap intended for?

One of the things that will have crossed our minds is to think that this suitcase model is not necessary for you given the materials for what it is made and for its price. Far from reality, if you finally acquire it, you will not be wrong

As it is a more expensive protective case than its competition , it is necessary to make a point: If you have a concertina of a middle class and not exclusive brands such as McNeela Instruments or Phoenix , our recommendation is that you get a more economical transportable case or keep the one that is included in the product’s packaging, which is of great quality

But if you are one of those who do not settle for the cheapest and want to have the best on the market regardless of how much you are going to spend, with this suitcase you will create expectations for more than one!

Why buy this protective case for the concertina accordion on our website?

The product you see for sale does not include shipping in its final price, which is €14 , which for a total of €75 you get an authentic luxury of product

We work with Amazon and we are in permanent contact with them, so the transaction from our site will be totally secure , without any risk and with personalized support for any questions you have about this or other models on the market.

We are not going to beat around the bush dear user, we want and prioritize not only that you have your esteemed concertina, but also that you look with your own style

What more modern way to achieve this by carrying a lightweight and portable TOP briefcase ? Take advantage of this offer now that you can!

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