Anglo Concertina by McNeela Instruments ☞ One of the best high-end concertinas suitable for beginner users!

McNeela Instruments has established itself as one of the leaders in sales of premium quality Irish concertinas . An example of this is the wide catalog of concertinas available with which it counts from lower to higher values, always thinking of all types of clients

Today we come to talk to you in depth about one of the most interesting concertinas that this manufacturer offers us, contextualizing it with its price

Are you thinking of missing out on the main novelties , properties and advantages that this concertina range offers us? ( See on Amazon ) Of course not. And if not, we will avoid it ourselves 😜!

What are the main characteristics that this high-end English concertina offers us?

Not too many but strong enough to make it clear to you why this concertina has the seal of recommended by . The most prominent are:

  • Finishes made and polished to detail: When you spend more for any product on the market, you appreciate many things, among them is its design , and with this musical concertina it was not going to be less . Its finishes inspired by an old lacena give it an old-fashioned , 19th-century vividness , providing that remarkable contrast between an instrument just taken from the oven and its archaic finishes
  • Some metal sheets on both sides: Another nice detail of its design that we could not ignore. Both are enameled and refined detail with a finish sober and robust in matte , reminding, for example, the most expensive phones and premium market
  • Very resistant straps, adjustable and pleasant to the touch: Being a basic element of any concertina, any user has the right to have all the facilities in the world to play the concertina and with this model that compliment will be a reality. Its shoulder straps made of polyester give it a touch of resistance against moisture and high durability over time
  • Its characteristic sweet sound: Thanks to the fact that this model has a totally chromatic system and with a more careful design , you will be able to emit the melody that you want and with a charming sound
  • Included in the packaging is a high-quality briefcase with limited availability: As a token of appreciation , this Irish manufacturer gives us the opportunity to try one of their professional suitcases for 14 days , all included in the total cost of this concertina. Did you expect it? ?

Attention! Irish concertina offer in sight 👀!

concertina irlandesa mcneela instruments

It smells like concertina… And not just any one!

The only icing on the cake is that an owner who is up to the task is missing . What if YOU are?

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What advantages does this Anglo model of musical concertina offer us?

Everything that this type of concertina is capable of giving us is based mainly on one thing: its design . Yes, we have already told you about some of the details that stand out the most about its finishes, but what if you wonder that these long-term finishes will allow you that your outlay is not in vain ?

We put you in context: we have found the case of a client who when buying a cheaper concertina than normal, came with a complaint about other problems that, on some occasions, we do not notice that they are the true pillars to enjoy our concertina and that it lasts in time

This concertina has a 3-year warranty , something that other cheaper English concertina models do not have. More than some are polished with plasticized , imitation finishes and their resistance to shocks and external agents is not as high as the high-class concertinas.

Close your eyes for a few seconds and think about the near future: imagine all those people who will be fascinated by how you play with that first level Anglo-Saxon instrument, after years of acquiring it… Just thinking that this will happen to you! gives indescribable joy!

Why buy this English concertina with McNeela Instruments signature on our website?

The main source from which we draw and which we offer each of our products is from Amazon

This Irish manufacturer offers a wide selection of highly exclusive instruments, with an above-average warranty policy and personalized after-sales service.

Quality is paid , we have no doubt about that. Whatever your current budget , from our website you have access to any model of musical concertina, of various brands and adapted to all budgets

Get the premium mcneela concertina at the best price and for the next few years you will be worthy of being crowned as a banner of this instrument!

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