Anglo-type concertina from the Asdomo brand ☞ It has one of the most exclusive looks on the market!

The question will surround you that it matters to talk about patterns or aspects in a product as an instrument, but specifically in this concertina it was inevitable not to

A sky blue style concertina ( See at Amazon ) No products found. that in the blink of an eye has caught our attention . A daring design that may generate controversy for more than one, but if we are here for something, it is to offer our clients any model of concertina that you can imagine.

If it is true that you identify with that group of people who remain faithful to their principles and do not allow themselves to be manipulated by what others are going to think , show us by staying here!

What are the main characteristics that this range of blue English concertina offers us?

Its appearance stands out above all the others, but there are more details about this concertina that you should know:

  • An arrangement of 10 buttons on both numbers: With a total of 20 pegs , it is one of the main differences that we find with respect to other prototypes of English concertinas. The tones that we can play with this model will not vary too much but, obviously, we will not have as many musical repertoire options as if it had 30 pegs
  • Its special finish: Look at the concertina for an instant, doesn’t it remind you of that image we see when the sun’s rays reflect on the waters of a swimming pool ? We may have gone too far, but it is not only this detail, on its numbers we can see patterns in a golden hue that give it a touch of unique personality . And those bellows in a darker bluish hue ? They make the instrument look very heterogeneous and minimalist in design
  • The main element of your guts: Do you know what we mean? You will see that a part stands out in a red range over the folds. This material comes from red pine , which is precisely why this musical concertina is made. Originality is not lacking in this model
  • It includes a transport bag in the pack: Anything that adds is welcome, isn’t it? And even more so if when placing our order we realize that we will have a high- quality , compact and multifunctional suitcase
  • Look at this !: Let’s get to the point… If blue is not the color palette that you like the most, you will have the option to choose a color at your free will: Red! o Dark blue! Tooooooma yaaa Let it be seen how daring you are!

What do you see over THERE 🧐?

An offer for a green concertina? Or maybe a dark blue concertina? …


No products found.

Of the two!

No products found.

What does this type of mid-range concertina offer us compared to other homologous models in its segment?

The different shades that the manufacturer Asdomo gives us when buying it is one of its great facets, but there are other factors that you should take into account:

The value of this concertina is somewhat cheaper but, being transparent with you, we have to tell you that you are going to lose some durability and resistance in the handles of its bases, and quality in terms of generating a wide spectrum of musical tones and in its packaging. protective

Not all that glitters is gold but even with its cost, it is an acquisition that is totally worth it. It has very elastic and soft elastic bands that will sit very well in the hands , of a standard quality and its sound , although it is not the most TOP on the market, it will be more than enough

If we were YOU , we would be honest with you: We would get this range of musical concertina either to have it as a complement to another that we have more professional, or because of its disruptive design . If you are looking for something more advanced , it is better that you opt for other models that are somewhat higher in terms of value

Why buy the English concertina of different appearances on our website?

You will only find this concertina model for sale from Amazon

Our team has personally been in charge of talking with this company to collaborate with them and provide our customers with all the products directly from this site , without having to go to the web and search for the desired product.

We know the trust generated by this online store. Therefore, your transaction will be risk- free and you will be able to fulfill your dream of acquiring the musical concertina “that on the outside” , plus “roll” of today

What are you doing still without reserving in the cart your Anglo concertina of the color that delights you the most? Run and get it done before it runs out of stock!

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